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We're transitioning ban appeals, player support, and player suggestions to the discord server. It's recommended that if you need support you join the discord server and open a ticket instead of making a post here unless you are banned from the discord server. You will receive faster support there than you will here.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/0h2cpuvlaOQYJrfv

07 Sep 2020, 02:05 0 | 19
PvP Legacy
New Update

The name of the server has been changed to PvP Legacy but you can still call it Vanilla Legacy if you wish. The server is no longer vanilla and is now spigot with entirely custom made plugins. Everything should be very smooth and clean, so you shouldn't be getting any lag.

24 Aug 2018, 04:46 0 | 19
The Cosmic Update!
August Update

 - Added so many new things!
 - Tons of balances!
 - Improvements to everything
 - Cosmetics!
   - Use tokens to get cosmetics
   - 5 different types cosmetics to get

 - Daily Challenges
   - Random challenges are given daily
   - Challenges reward tokens

 - Legend Rank
   - A new donator rank
   - Has unique cosmetics that are not unlockable with tokens
   - Comes with all Mystic rank's features

 - Added 2v2 Versus
   - You can now 2v2 people in versus
   - Teams are based on order of queue


 - Bows
   - A shot must be fully charged on hit to get the arrow back faster
   - 7s bow multiplier has been changed to 1x from 1.25x
   - 9s bow has been removed

 - Arrows
   - Stray Arrow 6p
   - Blindness Arrow 8p
   - Weakness Arrow 10p
     - Duration increased to 7s
   - Glided Arrow 14p
   - Harming Arrow 14p
     - Just applies the effect, no other additional damage
     - Shot doesn't have to be fully charged to get arrow back faster

 - Potions
   - Duel potion formula has changed
     - Halves the point cost of the lower-valued potion
   - Invisibility Potion
     - Armor is cleared on use
     - Armor is given back after duration ends
     - Kills reduce cooldown of potion by 2s
   - Lingering Potions
     - All lingering potions give slowness II to all players inside the cloud
     - Slowness on lingering potion effects all players

 - Misc Items
    - Enderpearl
       - 1s after throwing, player gains strength for 1s

 - Kill Rewards
    - Removed damage decay

 - GUI Changes
    - Cosemetic screen is now accessable
    - GUI is alot more optimized

 - Anticheat
    - Improved anticheat
    - Improved report system

 - Versus
    - Automatically selects a valid kit if one is not selected

11 Aug 2017, 22:00 2 | 27
The Miscellaneous Update!
June Update

 - Updated to 1.12
 - Improvements/optimizations to all systems
 - You can now view player's K/D with !stats
 - Offhand slot
   - Reorganized potions
   - All items are replaced into your offhand
   - Health Splash Potion no longer has a xp lock

 - Added 2 new items!
   - Speed II Potion 10p
   - Milk Splash Potion 8p

 - Removed the Axe slot
 - Renamed Sword slot to melee; which now contains axes
 - Moved the bow slot to the previous axe slot

 - Added Misc slot
   - Contains everything in the offhand slot except shields & totems
   - You cannot have the same item for both misc & offhand slots
   - The item in misc is given to you and not put in your offhand

 - Killstreaks
   - Killstreak 1 (Regen)
     - All regeneration levels have reduced by one

 - Kill Rewards
   - Bow and potion damage is now completely accurate
   - General improvements


 - GUI/Kitbuilder Improvements
   - GUI is faster and more optimized
   - You can now see how many points over 50 you are
   - Item cooldowns & durations are now displayed on items
   - Clicking a slot sign now checks the point value of your kit; meaning, your kits will no longer be reset if point values change
   - Selecting kit option for versus only appears while in the versus lobby

 - Spectator Mode
   - You now have to use "/trigger exit set 1" to exit spectator
   - Improved spectator mode restrictions in blocks

07 Jun 2017, 15:06 0 | 15

The Recon Update

January-Febuary Update


  • Custom kits | Make your own kit
  • GUI | It's a fancy GUI to manage your custom kits
  • Map | A new map to fight people on land, air and sea.

More features to come during this month!


10 Feb 2017, 03:58 0 | 15