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IGN: awesomebutter234
By awesomebutter234 » over 3 years ago
Axes-Increased custom kit shop cost.You shouldn't be able to buy a very capable weapon(the wooden axes or gold) and still have very tanky armor.

The shields allow for counter criting strategies which in many cases is extremely difficult to counter due to there not being many ways around it.
-Shield Hp decreased by 1-3 
-When shield is in the offhand, hits speed is reduced by 0.1-0.2.

Bows- The bows allow for bowing and running(This is especislly true with custom kit bows with short spawn timer durations). This makes melee classes a bit weaker due to this,and the constant rate of fire an archer can put on them if they have enough accuracy.
-Bow pullback speed nerfed.
-User gets slowness 2 for 1-3 seconds
This nerf is lifted if the person doesn't carry any other weapon with them.

Harming arrows- This has to be one of my major grievances with the bow.These arrows allow for a 1-3 shot kill, meanwhile other arrows take 2-3 more hits in order to kill depending on armor.
-Harming arrow spawn rate decreased and gives user -0.05 to speed.

-Harming arrows can only be generated when in shift mode.


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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » over 3 years ago
Bows are just annoying, they aren't over powered. Bows probably need a small buff of some sort because melee is so much better. The harming effect on harming arrows is only applied if the player fully draws back their bow and has to be at least a cooldown of 6s. So harming arrows are pretty easy to strafe. I believe axes are balanced considering you can't enchant them with sharpness and alot slower than swords. Shields probably need a change but not a full out nerf because they aren't that effective with certain weapons.


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IGN: JonGamer16
By JonGamer16 » over 3 years ago
Axes might not be able to be enchanted, but Corruptful still managed to get a 150 killstreak with an axe-tanking kit. When you do the math, axes do 5.6 dps for wood and 7 dps for gold, but stone does 7.2 dps. Based on these facts, the point cost should at least be boosted for gold. However, there are still other factors that could make the point costs for axes controversial, such as strategic player movements, what the player does with the leftover points, etc, or maybe the problem doesn't only lie in the axes, but in the high amounts of armor that the tankers use. The armor-piercing concept creates a curved line in how strong different attacks are, but this curved line also changes when high amounts of armor and/or toughness is involved, making establishing a good balance difficult. One good way that you could help balance armor is to, instead of giving individual prices for pieces; add up all the defense points from the selected armor pieces, then depending on the total, increase how many points the player pays for the armor. This way, players can still adjust how the kit looks and stuff while keeping a balance in check. In conclusion, finding that perfect balance in each and every kit item can be difficult, especially when the item can be strategically used to cope with its weaknesses. Games like Super Smash Bros. seem to have their balancing system all worked out, but the damage system in Minecraft makes it hard to give players a fair fight.

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