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IGN: 34486SCI
By 34486SCI » over 3 years ago
So my IGN is 34486, and I went to register it as 34486 and I made the account, it made it and then would not let me sign in so I redid 3 passwords and it still didnt let me in so I made this account.. and it is my friends user (Which I didn't realize till it had his skin) 
So can some forum administrator please make My 34486 account usable.
Name: 34486

Date of Birth is 1981, July 9th. 

Location: Farm

I guess make a temp pass for me somehow, and I'll change it, Not sure how this will work out... 



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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » over 3 years ago
You can reset your password clicking the "forget password" button.


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