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By AoElite » over 3 years ago
The Miscellaneous Update!
June Update

 - Updated to 1.12
 - Improvements/optimizations to all systems
 - You can now view player's K/D with !stats
 - Offhand slot
   - Reorganized potions
   - All items are replaced into your offhand
   - Health Splash Potion no longer has a xp lock

 - Added 2 new items!
   - Speed II Potion 10p
   - Milk Splash Potion 8p

 - Removed the Axe slot
 - Renamed Sword slot to melee; which now contains axes
 - Moved the bow slot to the previous axe slot

 - Added Misc slot
   - Contains everything in the offhand slot except shields & totems
   - You cannot have the same item for both misc & offhand slots
   - The item in misc is given to you and not put in your offhand

 - Killstreaks
   - Killstreak 1 (Regen)
     - All regeneration levels have reduced by one

 - Kill Rewards
   - Bow and potion damage is now completely accurate
   - General improvements


 - GUI/Kitbuilder Improvements
   - GUI is faster and more optimized
   - You can now see how many points over 50 you are
   - Item cooldowns & durations are now displayed on items
   - Clicking a slot sign now checks the point value of your kit; meaning, your kits will no longer be reset if point values change
   - Selecting kit option for versus only appears while in the versus lobby

 - Spectator Mode
   - You now have to use "/trigger exit set 1" to exit spectator
   - Improved spectator mode restrictions in blocks


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