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IGN: Ragsterinja
By Ragsterinja » over 2 years ago
IGN: Ragsterinja/FacelessGh0st
Abuser's IGN: Oolfa
Date: November 17 2017
Description (detailed as possible):
Oofla is exploiting the bug/glitch in which he is invisible to other players. Me along with other players on the server have asked him multiple times to relog and he has refused. I have provided a video of him being invisible and taking this to his advantage in PVP. I also have screenshots of us telling him to relog, however currently I can not figure out how to upload them. If required I can provide them via Discord, also you can check the chat logs.
Evidence (Video/Screenshots/Photos):


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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » over 2 years ago
I reduced 100 kills, 300 total xp and reset his entire seasonal xp for abusing this glitch. He will also be temporarily banned for 12 hours. Thank you for reporting this.


Ban appeal format link