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IGN: skoolh8er
By skoolh8er » over 2 years ago
I like the idea of the combat logging system you have in place right now, but it needs some improvements. I find it annoying that if I want to leave the game while I'm in arena, I need to kill myself to avoid combat logging. We need a /spawn command that would allow us to return to spawn after a war timer cooldown. Also, I get docked with the combat logging penalty if I lose connection to the server and come back on. I don't know if there's a way to tell the difference between someone losing connection or purposely disconnecting, but if there is, could the system be changed to not give the penalty to a person that loses connection? 


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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » over 2 years ago
The combat logging system can be improved but overall I can't accurately detect if a player purposely left or loses connection. A command has been requested for leaving the arena safely multiple times and I'll probably add one.


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