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IGN: SleepyB34R
By SleepyB34R » 12 months ago
IGN: SleepyB34R
Reason of Ban: Advertising
Why I should be unbanned: I don't recall ever advertising anything as the chat filter makes it very clear that any form of it is bannable. Was there perhaps some sort of mix up? I apologize if someone had ever thought I was advertising, but I don't. I just want to revisit PVP Legacy and play with my friends. Of course, it's fine if there is some sort of proof that I was ever advertising and I just don't remember. I hope you look into this so that I can be unbanned from the server. Thank you!


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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » 10 months ago
You posted a discord server link in chat.


Ban appeal format link