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IGN: _Goujon_
By _Goujon_ » 14 days ago
IGN: _Goujon_
Reason of ban: Killaura/Reach and Autocrystal
Why should you be unbanned: I've had so much fun playing here with friends but one day I decided to use hacks because I was bored, but that's no excuse for my actions. I really believe that I've made a huge mistake in hacking on this server as to my knowledge this server is by far the best 1.9+ PVP server to fight on, I know I was only banned a couple of days ago. But I really do regret my actions and I hope I can be unbanned so I can play legit again.


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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » 14 days ago
It's too early, you can make another ban appeal in a month.


Ban appeal format link