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IGN: Pctato
By Pctato » 18 days ago

Reason of ban:I got banned because I was hacking, I had a hack for 2b2t and I was bored+ I didn't really play 1.9+ pvp very much so I tested it on players there. I was using hitboxes, and some Baritone features.

Why should you be unbanned:I think I should be unbanned because I was on some kind of hacking crave, I found Baritone really cool and consequently used it way too much. I no longer care for those hacks, at the time I was just really interested that there was a bot that could do things for you, but Theres no more reason for me to hack on your server. I realised that this is the only good 1.9+ pvp server, having 1v1's and tryhard players, meaning its my only place to get practice. I've been getting much more into 1.9 pvp, as my friends have opened a 1.16 server, and it would be funny to destroy them in combat. Obviously I got banned fairly recently, so if i could get a numerical ban time, or just be able to make an appeal at a later date, I would appreciate it. 


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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » 18 days ago
Since you were confirmed to be hacking you need to wait at least a month before making a ban appeal.


Ban appeal format link