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IGN: Cubs_
By Cubs_ » 16 days ago
IGN:  Cubs_
Abuser's IGN: Ducky4408 and Ughbraces
Date: 7/29/20
Description (detailed as possible): they were being very toxic in chat torwards me and harrasing me for an hour while i was in kit pvp they have been doing this each time i log on there so i have had enough so i am reporting it will /ignore them but i hope they get muted where they cant do this to others as well. ill post Photos below 
Evidence (Video/Screenshots/Photos): , , , , , ,


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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » 15 days ago
I usually only mute people if they are spamming or advertising. I advise you to just keep them muted, I don't really see any real harm.


Ban appeal format link