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IGN: WinterStars
By WinterStars » 9 days ago
Banned for Advertising

I was playing with some guy and we were chatting. He told me he recently got banned on his favorite towny server and was looking for something to do so I recommended playing on the "r/teenagers minecraft server." Please note that these were my exact words and that I did not post any sort of server ip in the chat during any time. If a random one liner is enough to get banned for advertising you should consider that your rules are possibly too strict. Small talk should not result in a ban for advertising, let alone a permanent one. I urge you to reconsider such a ridiculous permanent ban from one of the few 1.9+ pvp servers out there that I can play on. Thank you for your time.


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IGN: Kaxon
By Kaxon » 7 days ago
This is a common rule for a lot of servers and we won't be changing the policy. I have reduced your ban to a mute, and you can appeal to have it removed on October 11th or later.