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IGN: BlockIdol
By BlockIdol » 8 days ago
Hi, I was banned for using blacklisted modifications but I don't know why. I had the badlion client open without any addons (I have really bad internet) and was just practicing 1.9 pvpĀ under my alt account mosiris_power while I waited in queue for a server on my main account BlockIdol and at some point in a game I was banned. I don't know whether this was an auto-ban or a direct ban or even what it was for in detail. All it said was I was banned for blacklisted modifications. If you could respond by either unbanning me or giving me a more detailed reason for why I was banned that'd be amazing. All I can think of is that if there's a rule against using the badlion client or alt accounts. If this is the case, just let me know the rule on that and I'll accept that I was banned but if not then please unban me, I did nothing more than that.

Thanks for listening


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IGN: Kaxon
By Kaxon » 7 days ago
It appears you were caught by an admin for using blatant speed hacks. Your appeal is denied. You can appeal again in a month (October 12th).