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IGN: ManilaBus69
By ManilaBus69 » 2 days ago
IGN: ManilaBus69

Reason of ban: Use of a hacked client

Why I should be unbanned:
           I was acting irrationally as a result of "gamer rage". This feeling took control and led me to make the decision to load up a hacked client. To this day, I am still appalled that I could not control myself and let my primal gaming rage fester and explode in this ugly form. I am genuinely saddened that I stooped to the low of downloading a hacked client. This will not happen again. I know my strengths and weaknesses, and gaming is the biggest god damn strength of them all. I will not fail you. and most importantly, I will not fail myself.


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IGN: Kaxon
By Kaxon » 1 day ago
Goddamn, ok. Appeal accepted.

Link to appeal format: